Bar none.

Bar stool – $5 (Whittier)

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Date: 2009-04-22, 8:24PM PDT

I am selling a barstool. I would say the color is birch.



First Email

What bar is this stool from?  Did you steal it!! haha i hope so – Ive always wanted to steal one!



No, I didn’t steal it. Are you interested?


Second Email

Oh okay :)  So you bought it from the bar?  Thats cool!  Do you maybe know how many people have sat on this stool?  I’m very interested!

2nd Reply

I got it at the store, not the bar and I have no idea how many people have sat on it. In my place, maybe 2.


I didn’t respond back, I’m not sure why but I’m glad to know Rose is so popular that upwards of two people have been to her place and sat on her stool!



One Response to Bar none.

  1. unclemoe says:

    Lol. Should have kept this one going man.

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