Hookah, Linah and Sinkah

HOOKAH 17" BRAND NEW – $30 (Norwalk)

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Date: 2009-04-22, 8:45PM PDT

This is Hookah is practically Brand New. Only used Twice. It comes stored in a little suit case for it. Still has brand new charcoal bag, prongs, grommets.Email me if your interested. Would like to get rid of ASAP.




First Email

What does your hookah smell like?



strawberry tobacco.. No illegal substance has been used in it. I only used it one just to try it out. BUT.. you can use it for whatever you like. . But it’s pretty clean. It doesn’t even smell or looked used.

Second Email

Do you think I could get someone to paint an Indian (native american) warrior on it?  Is it big enough?

PS – no illegal substances :)


2nd Reply

uuuhhhh… you can do whatever you want to it. It’s 17"… the bowls probably like a 15" diameter..

Third Email

Or do you think a wolf howling at the moon is preferable?  I’m so confused!  But i love the blue color of your hookah.
BTW, what is a hookah for?



Never heard back from Stephanie :(  Why wont anyone help me decide between an Indian warrior and a howling wolf?  Oh well.



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