Let there be light(s)

Torch Lamp – $10 (626-226-**** San Gabriel)

Reply to:*******
Date: 2009-04-22, 12:02PM PDT

300 watt torch lamp, lights up a whole room easily! Selling because we moved and the previous owner left us several lamps. San Gabriel area.



First Email…

Hi.  I saw your posting about your friends leaving lamps with you.  Can I leave some lamps with you too?  You can sell them for me?  You can have the money.  Just cover gas?
I have many lamps.
Ty Wilsone


no thanks.  i’m having enough trouble selling the one i have.  thanks for offering though.


Bummer – I think Jim and I could have had a beautiful partnership.  Oh well.



2 Responses to Let there be light(s)

  1. JustMe says:

    I wonder what makes people think they can make money off something that someone else left behind? As he mentions, he’s having a hard time selling it, could it be that it wasn’t even his to sell in the first place? Nice!

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