Chief Frosty Drink

Soda vending machines FOR SALE – $100

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Date: 2009-04-23, 3:01PM PDT

needs a little work but it holds cans good for five selection i used it for my boys room its 65 cent machine so you can charge your friends a drink .. i did its a great piggy bank



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How many cans can it hold?  Can you use beer?  Can you adjust how much it costs for a drink?  Do you think it would look good with a native American warrior airbrushed on the front?
Oh and has anyone famous ever used this???
Thanks – very interested!

it can hold over 120 cans it .. as long as the can is a 12oz can then beer or what ever you want will one famous owned it is possible to change out the cost of the can but you have to order the parts for the machine to do it .. if you personalized it . it would be authentic air bushed or what ever you want….


How informative, I suppose it would be  “authentic  air brushed” or whatever I want.  I’m sold!


Awesome, I’d almost actually consider buying this. 



4 Responses to Chief Frosty Drink

  1. Gouda says:

    wow, i can’t believe how much more bad ass it looks with the native american air brush. you’re bound to find someone who can actually do it for you!

  2. […] think I know a soda machine  that would go perfectly with this […]

  3. Holly says:

    I’m crying. You do good work. I will probably have to stalk you daily, k?


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