Ipod Nono

Apple Ipod Nano video – $100 (Tujunga)

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Date: 2009-04-26, 11:58AM PDT

Ipod nano 4gb video, 3rd generation with belkin protective case. Apple wall charger and usb cable. In great condition. Thanks



First Email


this is one beautiful ipod.  how much is it?



its 100$ thanks,


Second Email

I do alot of motivational speaking for large groups of amputees – do you think this would be a good thing to show videos on?


2nd Reply

NOt sure, its a 3rd generation nano with 4gb of memory. Holds 1000 songs

Third Email

Do you know any amuputees that need some motivation? A “leg up” if you will? (Just a little amputee humor – it kills at the events!)

Would you delete the songs on there or leave them on if i wanted?


3rd Reply

I’m leaving the songs on, u can delete if u choose.

Fourth Email

I’m going to go out on “a limb” and say that I “stumped” you on the amputee question. (See what I did there??) But thats alright :)

Would you be willing to take anything in trade?  Or only 100dollars?


4th Reply

Sorry not looking for trades. Need the cash since im moving. Thanks

Fifth Email

Damn. I dont know what to do with all these weird artificial limbs and was hoping we could trade.  they’re starting to really creep me out.  Well maybe ill try and post them on craigslist.  thanks man – good luck



Mr. Andrew was a man of few words.



One Response to Ipod Nono

  1. Holly says:

    (See what I did there??) made me laugh out loud.

    Did you know I was going to comment on everything? I just love commenters, don’t you? Comments are like little bits of inspiration.


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