Only stools rush in

Bar Stools – $15 (Northridge)

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Date: 2009-04-28, 3:03AM PDT

2 bar stools for sale. Vinyl seat cushions. One in good condition, the other one needs a cover or to be repaired.



First Email

How old are these?  Are they stable? Comfortable?

They kinda look like those big things from War of the worlds.  That movie was kinda scary.

Namaste friend,



I am not sure how old they are, but they are very sturdy. There is no wobble with a 300 pound person on them. They are padded so they are surprisingly comfortable.


Second Email

Wow – these sound pretty sturdy!  I’m starting to believe that they must be from War of the Worlds considering the strength they possess! (just joking :-D )

Can it hold 350lbs?  I have a cousin who visits frequently who is on the larger side.


2nd Reply

350 pounds won’t be a problem.

Third Email

The stools don’t have any weird odors or anything I hope?  Is the cushion material leather?  I try to own as much leather as possible to honor my ancestors and native American heritage.


3rd Reply

No odors. They are vinyl

Fourth Email

Is there any chance I could just borrow these?

4th Reply



What is it with people selling bar stools?  So either Brian weighs a dainty 300lbs or someone who often sits on his stool does.  I just hope the poor guy has had more than 2 people sit on his stool, unlike lonely, depressing Rose.



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