Cause and EFX


WANTED::PIONEER EFX 500 (cerritos)

Reply to: ****
Date: 2009-04-28, 2:41AM PDT

WANTED****** PIONEER EFX 500***********WANTED
email be your price. pls.



First Email

Awesome, lets trade!


hi. i looking for the pioneer efx 500. whats ur price?


Second Email

Eh, I suppose I can do 350 cash

2nd Reply

would that be ur lowest bottom line price?

Third Email

How about 275 and an item in trade?  Perhaps an animal pelt of some sort.

after no response, I sent a fourth email…

Alright – I will include 2 animal pelts, a whale tooth, a small hand made knife and $300 for your Pioneer EFX.  Final offer.

3rd Reply

sorry but im looking for the unit. not selling.

Fifth Email

I do not understand.


Surprisingly, Beale didn’t respond to my fifth and final email.  I was really hoping he could clear up my confusion, but alas; I shall go to my grave without any idea why he wouldn’t sell his EFX 500 to me.



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