Chair-man of the Bored

Black Poang Chair – $25 (Malibu)

Reply to: ****
Date: 2009-04-29, 8:23AM PDT

It’s a great chair, I’ve had it for only about a year and has worked really well for me. However, I’m moving out of LA and need to sell it quickly. Would appreciate a buyer who could come get it in the next day or two. Please contact if interested, we can talk about the price!









First Email

Sweet ass chair, does it like rock a little?



Um maybe a little. Are you interested in it?  -natalie

Second Email

In rocking out?  Hell yeah I’m interested in rocking out!  In fact – you could call me the CHAIR-man of Rock!
What is the discount for pickup up early?

2nd Reply

Ha, I’ll give it to you for 25 if you get it anytime tomorrow before 5.
That OK??
And i’ll give you a free pillow…….. (one side red, one side blue)
you can’t pass up a deal this good…..

Third Email

Which side of that pillow is the cooler side? 

This is a rather enticing offer!

3rd Reply

They are both cool. You can change which color depending on your mood.
Can you come tomorrow?

Fourth Email

Can I have something else instead of the pillow?


Natalie never responded.  Its too bad, she really sweetened the pot with that mysterious mood-based color changing pillow.  I shouldn’t have pushed my luck.  Now I’m stuck with all my stupid non-Poang chairs and dumb single color pillows.

I’ve finally gone too far.



4 Responses to Chair-man of the Bored

  1. kristen says:


    (i love you anderson!!!!)

  2. Holly says:

    Chair-man of Rocking Out. I appreciate the way your mind works.

    I am going to find you a nice Native American trinket from the gift shop at the Indian Health Clinic.

    Do you like bolo ties with Native American beadwork? Feathers? Traditional Chickasaw dance troup dress? How about a CD of Chickasaw Hymns? Maybe YOU could craigslist the CD?

    Thanks for making me laugh all week long, Ty Wilsone.

  3. amanda says:

    this one cracked me up. i have not gotten any work today because of this blog.

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