A Sticker Situation

May 27, 2009

Old Computer Monitors – $10 (East L.A.)

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Date: 2009-05-23, 3:26PM PDT

old monitors that still work but I dont use. They are just collecting dust, asking ten bucks each. if interested my cell is 562 328 **** or email me. they are pick up only ……serious buyers only….









Me:  Do you still have the monitor with the sticker on it?

Mike:  yes I do…..

Me:  What does the yellow sticker say?  “The Fair (something) – Manipulator” ?

Mike:  “the fall of troy manipulator”………

Me:  hell yes.  I would like to buy this sticker.

Mike:  just the sticker?……

Me:  correct.  I do not need a monitor, but I love Fall of Troy and have always wanted a cool sticker like this.

Mike:  um…….dont know …….im a little lost for words…..  not to be negative or anything but wouldnt be better to get a brand new sticker?

Me:  I do not know where to get this sticker.  I must have THIS sticker.

Mike:  how much we talking?

Me:  I will remove it for a very low cost.

Mike:  sorry but the sticker stays with the monitor …….



Mike didn’t give me the sticker.  Quite surprising, considering my offer to remove it for such a low cost.  Good deals like that are hard to come by in this recession.



What a steel

May 26, 2009

stronghold steel cabnets

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Date: 2009-05-23, 3:30PM PDT

verry heavy duty, large gage, with huge locking bolts and handle. cost over $1200. selling $600. you could spend as much to stack all your tools on top of eachother or use these with shelving. the heavyest cabnets I have ever seen. good for job locations or your garage, or workshop.

steelcabnet1 steelcabnet2


Me:  This looks perfect for my purposes.  Do you still have this?


George:  Hi, yes I do, just put them on a few moments ago

Me:  This is fantastic George.  I need to store large sums of money (mostly US but some other denominations)  I do not trust banks anymore.  Will this be suitable for holding money? 

George:  yes, I have 2 here in burbank I could show you any time.

Me:  Do you think they are water tight or can be retrofitted as such?  I would like to fill them with my money (not all of it) and sink them to the bottom of a nearby lake.  Of course, for safety I cannot tell you which lake.  Are they very heavy?  Will I need a truck for transport?

George:  yes they are close to watertight, or could be made watertight. they are verry heavy, but when you take the doors off and the shelving out they are much lighter. you do need a truck to move them.

Me:  I will need to retrieve the cabinets under the cover of night.  You will not be allowed to look at me.  I will pay extra for this courtesy.

George:  that’s fine, I don’t need details. But I would require cash. the 2 at my house are not the two for sale. those one’s are at my work which we would not be able to retrieve until business hours on a business day, of which I would bring them to my house so you could pick them up anytime.

Me:  Cash is perfect.  I do my best to avoid paper trails.  Do you prefer US dollar or British pounds or the Euro?  I have all three available to me. 


So, George was perfectly willing to sell his “cabnets” to some dude who would not allow him to see his face, but as soon as I offered him payment in his choice of currency, he’s out of here?

Too bad.  I was just about to ask him if he had any scuba gear for sale too.



May 25, 2009

the mask 2 – $5 (van nuys)

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Date: 2009-05-24, 12:59PM PDT

this is a original movie poster for the mask 2, its a rare chrome poster with the mask in the middle.



Me:  Greetings friend!  I would like to inquire about your Mask 2 poster.  I love it.  Do you still have it?

Andres:  yes i do.

Me:  Fantastic.  How much would it cost if I just bought the mask and not the poster?  (love it!)

Andres:  there is no actual mask, just the movie poster, and its only $5 bucks

Me:  Oh really?  Will you cut the mask out of the poster and sell just that to me?  You can keep the leftovers :)

Andres:  sorry youll have to buy the whole thing, and cut it out yourself

Me:  What if I pay you triple?  I don’t have any scissors.  Or you could sell me some scissors with the poster?  Or maybe I could borrow them?

Andres:  no thanks.

Me:  Alright, I’ll cut it out myself, somehow.  Will you accept $3 and a 5lb sack of Lima beans?

Andres:  ha ha youre a funny guy, get a life…..

Me:  So we have a deal?


Andres is the first craigslister to really get upset with me, or at least, the first one to express it.

I guess he couldn’t mask his frustration.


Carvin’ like Marvin

May 24, 2009

Table – $5 (1mi. from csulb & traffic circle)

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Date: 2009-05-23, 3:29PM PDT

Coffee table – $5



Me:  Hello.  What is your table made of?

Stephanie:  It’s wood

Me:  Perfect.  I am looking for a wood table that I can do some carving on to make a cool design.  Nothing too crazy.  Just maybe like a skeleton doing a rain dance (for rain) – Is this something you think could be done?

Stephanie:   Hey yeah, it’s a good wood table for what you want to do. Plus it’s not too much of a burden lol. I’m waiting for a reply though from a lady because she wanted to pick it up sometime this week and is offering me $10. But I’ll let you know asap =)

Me:  I will give you $10 plus sand collected from the beach of eternal serenity.  I will also allow you to come share a meal with my associates and myself when I have completed the carving.  It will be a meal you will never forget.  I am also considering doing the carving of a wolf feasting on the intestines of a fallen warrior.  ______________________________________________________

Never heard back from Stephanie.  Surprising too, I thought my counter offer was very attractive.

My associates will be very sorry to hear that Stephanie will not be joining us for dinner.


Golden Opportuniteeth

May 21, 2009


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Date: 2009-05-21, 7:22AM PDT

we also do all kinds of jewelry repair stop by for free jewelry cleaning


Me:  Do you take gold teeth?

Rick:  yes we do we are paying 14-15 a gram

Me:  Does it matter how I have acquired these teeth?


Me:  They are not stolen.  But it is an interesting story how I got them and I think it may make them more valuable.  Involves the desert.   I have 13 of them and one half of one. 
  Do you want me to tell you the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth? (get it!)
  Do you pay cash?

Rick:  thats cool bring it by ill buy it

Me:  I was camping in joshua tree national park for the new moon (doing my heritage rituals) and i came across something in the sand.  I dug it out and it was a small velvet pouch filled with gold teeth!  so strange right??  (I wonder if they are from miners!) 
   I haven’t known what to do with them until I saw your ad saying that you buy gold.
   I hope you can buy my desert teeth?  Do you want the bag too?

Rick:  no just the gold lol

Me:  does gold smell weird?  my gold desert (probably miner) teeth smell weird.  i hope you will still buy them

Rick:  lol yea

Me:  do you get alot of smelly gold (teeth) or is this the first time you’ve dealt with it?


Apparently, that was the last time he would deal with me.  I am a bit surpised that this is when he decided to stop responding.

What did we learn from Rick?

  • Rick thinks that my heritage rituals are a laughing matter.   He is right.
  • Whether gold is inherently smelly, or you just have some smelly gold teeth (probably from miners) Rick will buy it. 
  • But do not ask Rick how much smelly gold he has.  He will not respond.

Thank you Rick, you’ve enlightened us all.


Game Genie, grant me this wish

May 20, 2009

original nintendo games (L.A./South Bay)

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Date: 2009-05-20, 7:14AM PDT

original games for the NES.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Megaman 2
Metal Gear
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Super Mario 2
Kung Fu

Me:  Please please please please please please please tell me these are still available?

Jonny:  they are still available. which ones were you interested in?

Me:  Adventures of Bayou Billy and Kung Fu.  They are the only two games I don’t have.  Are they hard?

Jonny:  you mean are they difficult? yeah bayou billy is pretty difficult. kung fu is also. bayou billy is a pretty fun game though.

Me:  I see.  Thank you for your detailed input.  Have you beat them?  (the games)  Do they often require you to blow in them to get them to work? (many of my games require this.  I do not know why)

Jonny:  ive gotten close to beating bayou billy. not kung fu though, havent played that one as much. yeah pretty much any nes games you play you have to blow into them. the games are in good condition.

Me:  do you want to beat them before you sell them to me?  I understand if you do.  I wouldn’t want you to feel deprived of that experience.  if you want we could even beat them together.  I am very good.  (they say)

Jonny:  no im done playing them. that’s why im selling them. but thanks.

Me:  Do you have any cheat codes you could include?

           And do you prefer cash?

Jonny:  yes, cash only please. i dont have any cheat codes for either game.

Me:  could i rent them from you for half the price? 5 days (I’ve never returned a game late)


nintendopowerI should have offered him this.  Maybe then we could have beat it together…



That sounds dirty.




Charcoal or Gas?

May 19, 2009


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Date: 2009-05-18, 10:09AM PDT


Me: Greetings friend, is your bbq still available?

Joe: hello please call (818) 610 **** because we had 2 bbq and i will tell you which one we sold which one is still in thank you .

Me: Would your BBQ be good for cremating small mammals? I believe my favorite hamster, Pablo Escabar XIV will be passing away soon. I would like to cremate him in a respectful manner. Sorry for the strange question.

Joe: no problem its ok
and yes it would be

Me: I really dont mean to be creepy or morbid, I just have alot of pets that I love. (Though some I like more than others!) It’s just getting so expensive to keep cremating them all, so I figured in these hard economic times, this would be a good way for me to cut costs while still respecting my little furry friends and their transition to the afterlife.

What do you think is the biggest animal that could fit on it?



No reply from Joe.

I guess I’ll never know if Fleabag and Mr. Ugly would have fit on Joe’s BBQ.