Party like a successful musician of the rock and roll genre.

+_+_+_+_ 2 casses of rockstars!+_+_+- – $80 (sunland)

Reply to: ****
Date: 2009-05-01, 11:26AM PDT

i have2 casses of rockstar normal and punched! i dont drinking the stuff . both are new and untoched!
looking to trade for xboxgames , or what you got? or take um both for 60



First Email

Greetings friend,

It has come to my attention that you have in your possession a pair of cases containing the delicious elixir known to humanity as Rockstar Energy drink.  Is this true?  Do you have such a surplus of libation?  I would be highly interested in acquiring this bevy of beverage from you.  What is it that you seek in compensation?

Good tidings to you sir – Please respond post-haste,

Ty Wilsone


ill i have are 2 casses for 60 bucks :)


Second Email

Has someone previously imbibed of your product?  That is to say, have the lips of another already tasted from the sweet nectar of the Rockstar flower and quenched their energetic thirst?  Or, are these in pristine condition, having never been enjoyed by another?

Great thanks,


2nd Reply

there are new and shrinked wraped in a case of 24 ,

Third Email

Oh this does alleviate a great deal of concern I had.  I trust the canisters have nay been exposed to any strains of the virulent scourge currently identified as Swine Flu?  I should not hope to be struck down from such a disease for simply hoping to greatly increase my energy quotient.

Many thanks to you,



Dammit.  Jonny never responded.  So much for getting my hands on 2 “casses” of these “untoched”, “shrinked wraped” energy drinks that he “don’t drinking.” 

Guess I’ll have to find a different method of contracting Swine Flu.



14 Responses to Party like a successful musician of the rock and roll genre.

  1. Jimmy says:

    These are hilarious man. I just heard about this and read a bunch of them. I can’t say that I have ever thought of something this good, but I do have a similar game like this I play. I call Progressive auto insurance (1-800-PROGRESSIVE) and pretend to be interested in a quote on a car, and just make my story more and more outlandish as I go on. I think the people working there are not allowed to hang up. And just to make sure I’m not being a total douche I’ve asked them, and they are not paid on commission.

    • TyNamaste says:

      thanks for the feedback man – you should ask them where that store is that is featured in their recent commercials.

  2. unclemoe says:

    Good stuff. Too bad dude stop replying so quickly. This one was just getting good.

  3. unclemoe says:

    Hey Tyler, you should check out this site. Dude does kind of the same thing as you but just with baseball card listings. Rad.

    • TyNamaste says:

      haha those are pretty funny – I like the one where the guy did the math wrong in his craigslist posting.

  4. Matias says:

    Hilarious! Keep them coming!

  5. Zakuraba says:

    This is the best blog on the internet.

  6. Felix says:

    Dude, your e-mails to this idiot were awesome! I’m with everybody else, keep em’ comming!

  7. auzzy says:

    dude i heard of this on loveline and i think its hilarious and looking forward to some new stuff

  8. Holly says:

    Lawd. I couldn’t wait to get home to read a new post. Instead, I am catching up on the old. The sweet nectar of the Rockstar flower.

    I love.

  9. Erin says:

    Wow, I actually have tears in my eyes! Hilarious =) I just found your blog today and am reading through your posts. This site is pretty much one of the best things ever… ever!

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