dot or feather?

corner table – $15 (sangabriel)

Reply to: *****
Date: 2009-05-08, 11:02AM PDT

storage corner table 15 $ only
please call 626287****.
thank you



And so it begins…

Me: beautiful table still available?




yes i have the corner table please call 626287****


Me: How many sides does it have?  I get confused when trying to count them.

Bhuvana: hi.  its a 6 sides do you like this?

Me: I do like this. 6 sides is very pleasing to me. six is a strong number, symbolizing virtue, honor and masculinity.  has this been owned by any powerful men?

Bhuvana: thankyou so much. i think you are an indian.right.

namasthe .

Me: No, Native American. (unless this is what you meant when you said indian)  I raise eagles for a living.

Me (20 mins later): still there?



Bhuvana was not still there.  Either she feels bad for assuming I was “dot indian” and not “feather indian” or she’s terrified that she’s pissed off some Native American out there who raises eagles and she wants NO part of that.

But props to Bhuvana for being the first craigslister to write “namaste” back

Namaste you all – and may you never know the fury of “thunder talons”


2 Responses to dot or feather?

  1. auzzy says:

    dude thats hilarious

  2. Holly says:

    I am a feather brand of Indian. I work for a tribal organization.

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