Wanna Iguanna?

Box Fan – $8

Reply to: *****
Date: 2009-05-14, 1:02PM PDT

For Sale Box Fan in good condition call mike @ 310-659-****











Me:  How loud is your fan?

Mike:  If it is on High because it really moves the air it does have a noise. But on low hardly any at all. Mike

Me:  Oh okay.  I ask because I have a new brood of iguanas in my terrarium.  They need to have a constant airflow on them but it cant make noise.  If it gets noisy they start making the most terrible little reptilian screams you have ever heard.  It sounds sort of like small birds having their legs ripped off :-\  You can imagine how horrible that would sound coming from thirteen of the little guys.
Though I suppose if the fan is loud enough, it might mask their screams.
About how tall is the fan?

Mike:  Never measured it??  I guess 18-24″ I’ll have to take a measurement of the fan and get back to you. This may take some time, I use the library for Internet and the fan of course is at home. if you call and leave a # I’ll measure it and call and leave the info for you. I’ll even put  the fan next to the phone so you can hear how loud every setting is low med. high.  best i can do

Me:  I don’t have a phone :(  I used to but it made too much noise when it rang and yep, you guessed it, the iguana’s would start screaming their little heads off.  I discovered I could keep them much happier by typing quietly on the computer so I use the internet exclusively now. 
Could you go home and then call the library and then have the librarian listen to the fan and then have the librarian email me and let me know how loud it is?

Would you accept an iguana for your fan?



Mike never responded.  So I’m assuming he would not like an iguana in trade for his fan.

Or his time was up on the library computer.



4 Responses to Wanna Iguanna?

  1. Christian says:

    Maybe he’s afraid the librarian will track his phone number and start stalking him.

  2. j says:

    sweeeeeeeeet picture!

  3. angelicdirt says:

    Or maybe he thought there was something odd about someone with 13 iguanas and no phone… :3

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