Mmm, fruity!

Walther-Glas Fruit Bowl Centerpiece – “Swing” Model – Never Used – $5 (Palms)

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Date: 2009-05-15, 9:47AM PDT

Walther-Glas Fruit Bowl or Centerpiece – “Swing” Model – $5

-Would make a nice wedding gift!
– Never used, I’m a bachelor and don’t need it
– Made entirely of glass, 12 1/2″ across
– Very pretty, decorative accent










Me: Hey dude –  would this be gay to give to my best friend for his birthday?

Charlie:  Well that I do not know. never had anyone ask me that. Made me laugh, so thanks for that. Up to you, man. If he’s like metro or married could be a good gift, I don’t know.

Me:  well i dont think apple valley counts as metro L.A., I think its like San Bernadino county or something.  He’s not married but he does have some fruit trees.  I think it would be cool for him to like have something designed just for displaying fruit but I dont want him to be like “what the hell youre gay you cant come over anymore.”  I guess maybe I could claim its an ash tray if he’s like “why did you get me a fruit bowl – are you a fruit?”  Ash trays are much straighter i think.


Charlie got scared off I guess, but I think I’ve discovered an untapped market – glassware for homophobes.  Not secure in your sexuality but still want to exhibit some amount of class and style? Then try…











Damn straight.  I’m gonna be a bazillionaire.



2 Responses to Mmm, fruity!

  1. Christian says:

    He should have said “of course it’s not gay. It’s called the ‘swing’ model for a reason”

  2. Sami says:

    Um… ya that bad ass glass looks like a butt plug. Please don’t ask me how I know this. (Internet searches, actually, but it sounds more interesting when you say that).

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