Charcoal or Gas?


Reply to:****
Date: 2009-05-18, 10:09AM PDT


Me: Greetings friend, is your bbq still available?

Joe: hello please call (818) 610 **** because we had 2 bbq and i will tell you which one we sold which one is still in thank you .

Me: Would your BBQ be good for cremating small mammals? I believe my favorite hamster, Pablo Escabar XIV will be passing away soon. I would like to cremate him in a respectful manner. Sorry for the strange question.

Joe: no problem its ok
and yes it would be

Me: I really dont mean to be creepy or morbid, I just have alot of pets that I love. (Though some I like more than others!) It’s just getting so expensive to keep cremating them all, so I figured in these hard economic times, this would be a good way for me to cut costs while still respecting my little furry friends and their transition to the afterlife.

What do you think is the biggest animal that could fit on it?



No reply from Joe.

I guess I’ll never know if Fleabag and Mr. Ugly would have fit on Joe’s BBQ.




6 Responses to Charcoal or Gas?

  1. Anna says:

    Hahaha, this never fails to crack me up. So brilliant. I wish I was half as creative!
    Good luck with Pablo Escabar XIV, Fleabag (Really?) and Mr. Ugly (See above) =D

    • TyNamaste says:

      Thank you for your condolences. Mr. Ugly actually just ate Pablo Escabar XIV. (Fleabag is humping himself)

  2. Christian says:

    I can’t believe he actually responded back by saying the BBQ is good for burning your pets…hahaha

  3. Casey says:

    Not OK Tyler… Not OK…


    Not OK!

  4. Sarah Jane says:

    hilarious! glad to have added another funny reading to my list! so much for work…

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