NY was bought with BEADS

Brochure Holder With Plexi Glass – $5 (Gardena)

Reply to:*****
Date: 2009-05-18, 11:12AM PDT

Brochure Magazine Rack Holder
There is ONE Brochure Holder With Plexi Glass available.
$5 Internet Special



Me:  Is this still available?

Ramon:  Yes it is. Are you interested ???

Me:  Very interested.  My organization, NAPNA (National Association of Powerful Native Americans) has a great deal of pamphlets that we would like to display at our next convention.  I think this would be good because it has many slots and we have many brochures.  Things like "The Eagle; What It Is Trying to Teach Us," "The Proud Hunter Mentality; How to Apply Ancient Teachings to the Modern Workplace," and "Native American, not Indian; A Guide to Dealing With Misinformed People" 
     How many brochures do you think it can hold?  We have many more.

Ramon:  It could hold about 60 brochures potentially more.

It was used to hold 6 across and there are 11 rows.

Me:  So it can hold only one of each?

Ramon:  No. It could hold more..perhaps 10 -15 per slot. Times 60 slots or more.

Me:  Would you be interested in some wonderful hides bearing scenic Native American landscapes and some handwoven baskets in trade for your display case?  (They are top quality items produced by members of NAPNA.  It would be in bad taste to refuse them)

Great fortunes to you,


Ramon:  We appreciate the offer, the case’s asking price is only $5.

We think that is a fair price for the unit and that is all we ask.

If you need any assistance please let us know.


Once again, the red man just can’t catch a break.  What ever will NAPNA do with all their brochures? How will they get their message out?!

Thanks to Ramon, looks like they may have to resort back to smoke signals.



4 Responses to NY was bought with BEADS

  1. Christian says:

    Jeez…i thought the Trail of Tears ended many years ago….thanks for nothing Ramon

  2. sanslimites says:

    tyler – these are HILARIOUS. hope you are well!! namaste, Lani

  3. Holly says:

    Ramon- you give us native peoples no justice. we own all of your land anyway.

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