Carvin’ like Marvin

Table – $5 (1mi. from csulb & traffic circle)

Reply to: ****
Date: 2009-05-23, 3:29PM PDT

Coffee table – $5



Me:  Hello.  What is your table made of?

Stephanie:  It’s wood

Me:  Perfect.  I am looking for a wood table that I can do some carving on to make a cool design.  Nothing too crazy.  Just maybe like a skeleton doing a rain dance (for rain) – Is this something you think could be done?

Stephanie:   Hey yeah, it’s a good wood table for what you want to do. Plus it’s not too much of a burden lol. I’m waiting for a reply though from a lady because she wanted to pick it up sometime this week and is offering me $10. But I’ll let you know asap =)

Me:  I will give you $10 plus sand collected from the beach of eternal serenity.  I will also allow you to come share a meal with my associates and myself when I have completed the carving.  It will be a meal you will never forget.  I am also considering doing the carving of a wolf feasting on the intestines of a fallen warrior.  ______________________________________________________

Never heard back from Stephanie.  Surprising too, I thought my counter offer was very attractive.

My associates will be very sorry to hear that Stephanie will not be joining us for dinner.



2 Responses to Carvin’ like Marvin

  1. Christian says:

    How could she not be tempted to get some free sand collected from the beach of eternal serenity plus a free lunch?!?!?!

  2. angelicdirt says:

    Wow. She turned down possible magic sand. What’s wrong with her? X3

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