What a steel

stronghold steel cabnets

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Date: 2009-05-23, 3:30PM PDT

verry heavy duty, large gage, with huge locking bolts and handle. cost over $1200. selling $600. you could spend as much to stack all your tools on top of eachother or use these with shelving. the heavyest cabnets I have ever seen. good for job locations or your garage, or workshop.

steelcabnet1 steelcabnet2


Me:  This looks perfect for my purposes.  Do you still have this?


George:  Hi, yes I do, just put them on a few moments ago

Me:  This is fantastic George.  I need to store large sums of money (mostly US but some other denominations)  I do not trust banks anymore.  Will this be suitable for holding money? 

George:  yes, I have 2 here in burbank I could show you any time.

Me:  Do you think they are water tight or can be retrofitted as such?  I would like to fill them with my money (not all of it) and sink them to the bottom of a nearby lake.  Of course, for safety I cannot tell you which lake.  Are they very heavy?  Will I need a truck for transport?

George:  yes they are close to watertight, or could be made watertight. they are verry heavy, but when you take the doors off and the shelving out they are much lighter. you do need a truck to move them.

Me:  I will need to retrieve the cabinets under the cover of night.  You will not be allowed to look at me.  I will pay extra for this courtesy.

George:  that’s fine, I don’t need details. But I would require cash. the 2 at my house are not the two for sale. those one’s are at my work which we would not be able to retrieve until business hours on a business day, of which I would bring them to my house so you could pick them up anytime.

Me:  Cash is perfect.  I do my best to avoid paper trails.  Do you prefer US dollar or British pounds or the Euro?  I have all three available to me. 


So, George was perfectly willing to sell his “cabnets” to some dude who would not allow him to see his face, but as soon as I offered him payment in his choice of currency, he’s out of here?

Too bad.  I was just about to ask him if he had any scuba gear for sale too.



One Response to What a steel

  1. Christian says:

    George doesn’t want to be a witness?!?!

    Sorry Ty…guys named George don’t take that Euro crap…haha

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