Bounce House

jumper – $900

Reply to:****
Date: 2009-05-30, 12:43AM PDT

we have 2 jumpers one is for 500 dollars that is the one that has animals and the other one is for 900 that is the red one.
if interested please email



Me:  Do these work?

Lizbett:  yes they do

Me:  I like jumpers but not kids.  I hope not too many have used these.  This is no insult against any children you may have, I’m sure they are lovely.  I just dont like kids in general – they can be very rude.  Especially to someone like me with my condition.  do both run on 110V electricty?

Lizbett:  yes they both run in electricity.

Me:  Good to hear.  I enjoy the convenience of electricity.  I have a very large house, very high ceilings and wide open rooms.  I would like to put these jumpers INSIDE my house.  Do you think that could work?  Then I can have a bounce room at all times of day and night, regardless of weather.  My condition does not allow me to set foot outside.


Lizbett didnt respond.  She obviously has no respect for the disabled.  And how did she know I wasn’t legitimately interested?  I could easily be a wealthy recluse with a strange dehabilitating condition with a certain hatred for children, interested in creating a fun bouncy environment for his own personal enjoyment.  Easily.



2 Responses to Bounce House

  1. Christian says:

    Hasn’t this woman ever seen Brewster’s Millions? Gotta do SOMETHING with all your money Ty. Good luck next time.

  2. Casey says:

    Good job Howard Hughes!

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