Freedom Doors

French doors, dual pane 8 foot tall – $75 (West Los Angeles)

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Date: 2009-05-30, 12:43AM PDT

32 inch x 96 inch x 1 3/4 inch dual pane, vertical grain doug fir door, 2 doors, priced at $75 per door, I am a builder and paid $450 for each door but did mount these doors as the opening was the wrong size so you benefit from my error



Me:  Do you still have these?  I am a stuntman.

Mark:  yes

Me:  This will sound funny, but I am a stunt man (korean film industry) and need some doors like these for an upcoming stunt.  This isnt any sort of specialized reinforced glass right?  It should break with the force of a full grown man running through it at full speed?

Mark:  There are dual panes of glass and they have no special reinforcement.  I have some other interest so you should pick up the doors on Saturday if these work for you.  I am located in Brentwood, near the 405 Freeway, just south of the Sunset Blvd. offramp.

Me:  Fantastic.  I will run through them quickly with great speed.  The stunt requires me to be nude but I will obscure my self with blinding speed.  Will this be a problem?  I can film at your house yes?  (I do not need to go inside – it will take less than 15 minutes)

Mark:  You need to purchase the doors and perform your stunt offsite.   I have no desire to clean up the broken glass or dispose of the doors after your stunt.  Nor do I have enough open space for your stunt.

Me:  Well I have a cleanup crew but if you do not have enough open space I understand.  Are there any graveyards near your house?  Do you want cash or cashiers check?  (My producers prefer cash as it is better for their books)

Mark:  The VA cemetery is one mile away , east side of Sepulveda, south of Montana.  Cash is fine

Me:  Perfect!  The cemetary stunt is going to be awesome.  Lots of fire.  When can I get the french doors?  Do you know who I contact about a permit to dig up a grave?

Thanks for the help,

PS – Let me know if you’d like to see some of my previous work, I have lots of clips available.

Mark:  I have no input on the permit.  You can pick up the doors on Monday.

Me:  Will you help exhume a body for extra cash?


I will take Mark’s lack of response as a “no.” 

I really cant believe how long he kept responding to me, so bravo to Mark and his patience or his desperate need to sell his two French doors.  Either way, bravo.



4 Responses to Freedom Doors

  1. Christian says:

    No, if he was really desperate he’d have let a naked man slam through the doors in his house. I mean seriously, a Korean film industry stunt man means you’re going to get quality. He could have released it somewhere…like a lost Tupac track.
    You missed out Mark.

    Great Job Ty.

  2. Nikki says:

    This made me cry. Hilarious.

  3. Pieper says:


    You make my day a little brighter with each post. Keep em coming!

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