Don’t tiki me off…

Hawaiian Tiki – Make Us An Offer – $150 (Mar Vista)

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Date: 2009-06-01, 5:46PM PDT

Beautiful hand carved Hawaiian Tiki Statue. Hand made from Oregon Cedar. Approximately 2ft tall by 1ft across. Weighs approximately 16 pounds. $150.00 OBO MAKE US AN OFFER!



Me:  Is this a real tiki?  or fake tiki?

Corrach:  Its hand carved eastern oregon pine.  Is that what you were asking?

Me:  That is good, but has it been properly blessed in any authentic tiki rituals?  (DO NOT MOCK ME)

Corrach:  No, we are sorry but it has not been blessed.  It was made by a family member.  We are from hawaii so we understand.  It has only gone from my relative to me.

Me:  Oh well this is okay.  Family owned and handcrafted tikis are pure and thus require no blessings.  Especially good is that it is genuine hawaiian.  why do you hope to get rid of this wonderful tiki?  Has he not brought goodness and strength to your life? (I HOPE HE HAS)

Corrach:  you speak very true words, so good in fact that you have made us question our reasons for selling it.  It really isn’t something that can be sold – we are going to keep it as it has brought us luck and love.  Sorry about that but thank you for the education.  Aloha.


Corrach:  Thank you friend – Aloha.


Now, I’m not sure if Corrach is putting me on but if not, then this a momentous occasion.  It’s the first time I’ve shamed someone into no longer selling their item. 

Take that capitalism!



11 Responses to Don’t tiki me off…

  1. jen says:


    (BTW, this is the best. site. ever. Just stumbled on it a few days ago. Keep up the “fun” :)

    • TyNamaste says:

      Thanks Jen – I will reward your patronage with a special chanting of the great eagle’s spirit. Or something,

  2. Christian says:


    You actually got this guy to keep his Tiki away from you. Especially at that outrageous price.

  3. Holly says:

    This is fun stuff. This is my first visit and I have been laughing at every single word.


  4. I’m a little curious about the wine in the photo. Part of the deal? There is no mention in the craigslist post, nor in your correspondance, which confuses me even more.

    • TyNamaste says:

      I agree. I really wanted to work it into the conversation, but I never found a way that felt like I wasnt forcing it. So alas, the wine bottle remains a mystery. I assume it was for size comparison.

  5. Ohhh, haha. That makes sense. Though, if he meant to use it as such, Corrach would have done better to not have the Magic Tiki – slab of wood on such a decline. It does not appear much larger than the bottle of wine.

  6. ps Can you up your posts to 20 a day? This is all I want to do at work, read your web site.

  7. Jennifer says:

    OMGosh!! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. You are a sick(in a good way), funny guy! Will be checking in daily for more post. GREAT STUFF!

  8. Tyler!
    You rock!!!! Long time loveline listener! 1 time caller, and you were the highlight of my call.. my boyfriend was cheating on me with craigslist hookers. I should send you some of there pages ugh!!!! ANYWAYS
    good work ! FUNNY FUNNY

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