Petal Peddle

Crystal Rose Petal Bud Vase – $20 (Glendale)

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Date: 2009-06-04, 10:29AM PDT

Crystal Rose Petal Bud Vases. $20.00 for the set of two. In excellent condition.










Me:  Do you still have these lovely vases?  They are shinier than anything I have ever seen on craigslist!  (WHICH IS ALOT)

Darla:  Yes, I still have them. They are very nice vases!

Me:  I do have one question, forgive me if it is foolish – but where do I purchase the crystal roses that go with these?  (I HAVE NOT HEARD OF THEM)

Darla:  I don’t know that crystal roses go with these vases. You can put regular flowers, roses, etc. in them.

Me:  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  the vases are crystal.  I feel so dumb (I KINDA AM) whoops!  Do you know what crystal these are?  I wonder what flowers would look best, maybe pernithums or some sagewickers.
What do you think? pernithums or sagewickers?  I value your input! :)
And do you prefer cash?

(Yep, I just made these flower names up off the top of my head)

Darla:  I suppose either would look good!  I accept cash only.

Me:  I’m having trouble finding sagewickers.  Do you know any nurseries near you that might have them?

Darla:  No, sorry!  I don’t even know what they look like!

Me:  WHAT!?  THEY ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLANT/FLOWER IN THE UNIVERSE (well, I guess I don’t know if there are other plants in the universe) OR EARTH AT LEAST!  I MUST BRING YOU SOME, YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!!1! :-D

Darla:  I tried to goggle sagewickers and come up with nothing but wicker furniture. They seem to go by another name “Wood Sage”.

Me:  have included a picture of it, I really believe that this is perfection (WHEN IT COMES TO PLANTS HAHAH)  I love how delicately its little petals reach out into the air like a warriors hand reaches for his weapon to protect his property (LIKE HIS HOUSE AND HORSES AND WIVES)  wouldnt you agree?  wouldnt they look stunning in your vases?







Darla:  Yes they are quite nice….thanks for the picture!

Me:  so when would you like to buy my sagewickers? THEY ARE BLOOMING


Where do I begin with this post? 

First, Darla says both Pernithums and Sagewickers (the flowers I made up) would look good in the vases. THEN she admits that she doesn’t know what they look like.  THEN, when I send her a picture, she claims they are “quite nice.”  No, Darla, they’re not.  I found them by googling “ugly flower.”  They look like disheveled dandelions. 

But if you think Sagewickers are ugly, you should see some Pernithums.



7 Responses to Petal Peddle

  1. Jennifer says:

    WOW! You had that poor woman googling sagewickers!! That is too dang funny.

    So, has anyone you chatted with on craigslist ever found your blog?

  2. Holly says:

    I’m glad that she cleared up the confusion over the Crystal Roses.

    Darla does not know much about floriculture, does she?

    Chi pisa la chike! (In Choctaw, that means ‘see you later’)

  3. Christian says:

    Some people will say anything to make a sale.
    But only YOU can make these people regret that they even tried.
    Great post Ty.

  4. angelicdirt says:

    I don’t know. I think ‘Sagewickers’ are kinda pretty. (Take that anyway you feel like. XD)

  5. unclemoe says:

    lol. good stuff. i heart ugly flowers.

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