“The Sun Sets On Ty” or “The Sun Sal Rise Again”


Update: I registered a new email address for my most recent interactions.  People were beginning to search “Ty Wilsone” on google and suss me out as a joker.  Thus, I introduce to you my newest alter-ego, Mr. Sal Fontaine…

soothing sunset wall art – $25 (los angeles)

Reply to:****
Date: 2009-06-10, 2:31PM PDT

If you like sunsets, these prints will warm up your room(s) perfectly.

large matte silver frame: 33″L x 45″W = $25 (the frame is ready to hang with the wire attached on the back)

unframed sunset print: 19″L x 24″W = $10 (the glare is from the plastic still on print – never opened)

Thanks for looking.



 Did you paint these?


Hi Sal, 

 No, I wish I could.  It’s a photograph, matte finish.  Do you want it?

Me:  I see now.  You are a very talented photographer!  Your pictures that you took look just like paintings!  Where did you learn such a technique?  I am very jealous.  Can you sell me both or just one?  I understand if you want to spread your art around for promotion sake.

Marian:  Funny how you think I took these.  I’m actually planning to do more photography work.  It’s just a hobby but who knows, I could be challenged to see where it would go.

Thanks for the compliments but I didn’t take these.  Just bought them awhile ago for my office.
Of course, if you want both the photos – they’re yours.  I’m showing them tomorrow during work hours.

I’m located in downtown L.A. near 9th and Los Angeles Streets.

Let me know when you can make it.

Me:  I feel so foolish.  I hope I didn’t offend you :(

I just really like sunsets and I get excited when I see them (real ones and not real ones)
A sunset is like the perfect metaphor for life.  Sometimes we are hot and the world revolves around us but then we go down and hide and then the moon comes up and is dark and scary and bad things happen, but then we come back up again and life is good.
Is your office in a sky scraper?

Marian:  I don’t have windows in my office so I wanted the outdoors in at my 15 story “skyscraper”. 

I’m drawn to sunset colors – from golden yellow to siennas to soft reds.
In the office it warms up the place.

So, do you want them?

Me (12 hrs later):  15 stories! Wow, thats like… what, 500feet tall?  Thats like 3 football fields I think!  I hope one day I can work in such a tall building.  But why didnt they give you any windows?  That sounds mean of them.  Especially someone who loves sunsets so much.  Do you ever watch sunsets from the top of your building?  Maybe that would be a good place to take back up your hobby of photography and painting!  Very peaceful :)  So did you still want to sell me your lovely sunsets or has someone else already got them while I was sleeping :(

Marian:  I’ll be in my office today and tomorrow.  That’s in downtown LA near 9th & Los Angeles Streets.

Let me know if that works for you.

Me:  Can I come at sunset?  It will be like 3 for the price of 2 :-D – Maybe you can show me the roof access?

Marian:  Right now, I’m selling 2 sunsets on paper – between 12 and 4PM.   Does that work for you?  I think you’ll like them.

Me:  This will sound strange but can you add me to one of the pictures?  I can send you a picture of me and you cant print it out and add it so that it looks like I am at the dock having a swell time? maybe two pictures of me so that it looks like I am having fun with my twin or maybe a clone of me!  I can pay extra!

Marian:  Hey Sal,  I’m selling these prints as is.  If you’re interested in buying them, great.  If not, best to you.

Me:  Or maybe I could be in a canoe next to the dock! That could be a fun time!   Please let me know when you’re able to put me in the picture.  In the meantime I will look for my money (it always goes missing!)
You’re the best,


I guess my picture isn’t ready yet because I haven’t heard from Marian.  Thats good though, considering I haven’t been able to round up my money.



7 Responses to “The Sun Sets On Ty” or “The Sun Sal Rise Again”

  1. Christian says:

    I love how aggravated she was, yet still took the time to reply to your emails. Must be VERY desperate to get rid of these pics. A shame though…they are nice photos.

    I just want to know what’s reflecting in the photo on the right….is that a quilt???

  2. unclemoe says:

    i can’t believe people googled your name. you should post those responses too.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m very glad to see you busy. I would hate to think of what you would be doing if not messing w folks on CL. It scares me ;)

    She was very calm, really needed the sell!

    • TyNamaste says:

      Idle hands are the devil’s play things. Unfortunately, Craigslist is the devil’s playground – so it really just cancels out

      • Holly says:

        You are right- the idle hands does cancel out the craigslist fun.

        FWC is my very favorite now. How does it feel to know that you are someone’s favorite? I hope it a good feeling.


  4. Holly says:

    One comment for the morning: Let’s not out Sal Fontaine. Thanks.

  5. angelicdirt says:

    Wow, people think Craigslist is serious business. It’s not like you were coming to kill them. This is just the online equivalent of ding-dong-ditch or the flaming poop bag. Lighten up, Interwebz.

    Oh well. Quality laughs, as usual. Yay sunsets. And docks. And canoes. :3

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