Horsing around

i will work with your horse for????? (will travel in sfv palmdale areas)

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Date: 2009-06-11, 9:48AM PDT

I will ride your horses in exchange for any horse tack, panels, or any other horse stuff you may want to trade. I can also walk, pony, bathe, groom, turn out. blanket or just clean stalls…. also looking for small friendly goat for company for one mare.



I have a steed in need of breaking.

Can you do this?


Ronda:  yes I can how old?

Me:  I’m not sure.  I found him wandering my property.  He is pretty big. I know it is a he because I saw his "male parts."  He is all black (but with one white spot that kind of looks like a billiard ball).  He is very wild though and I can’t get near him.  Can you assist with this?

Ronda:  possibly where are you located

Me:  Sun Valley, in the hills.  I’ve found horses on my property before, but this is the first one that was alive when I found it.  I dont know where they are coming from.  What would you like in return for your services?

Ronda:  i am desprate for one stall all for panels with a gate..  I am taking in a rescue horse but I didn’t realize she needs to be in a stall.  my others are in pasture.

If the horse is still on your property go get some alfla and start feeding him, if you haven’t already make sure he has water too.  You can start putting out a bucket of carrots too.  He will come back at feeding time if you are consistant.  Same time every day…..  Don’t waver in the feeding times.  Horses need to eat every twelve hours and they must have water.

Unfortunately I am going out of town until Monday but he should stay around if you are feeding him.  I can come over next week and try to catch him.  Are you planning on keeping him? 

My name is Ronda and my husband will be helping me his name is Daniel we could come when we get back in town.  sorry it couldn’t be sooner.

let me know what is good for you.

Me:  this horse seems intent on killing me.  it gives me crazy eyes and runs at me whenever I try so much as even look at it.  I am frightened.  It is quite good at sneaking up on me.  But I am sad to say I have no stalls/stables for your use.  I do have a garage though.  Thank your for your feeding tips.


I feel kind of bad about messing with Ronda.  She was very nice and gave me some great tips for caring for a stray horse, should one ever come into my possession.

However, she was not very helpful when it came to the whole killer horse thing.



7 Responses to Horsing around

  1. Holly says:

    So funny. So, so funny. Poor Rhonda. She just wants to help that stud.


  2. unclemoe says:

    Stop lying. You don’t feel bad.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Awww man, I kinda feel bad for ronda. She seemed very genuine and caring. You have probably shattered her world. She may never be the same again. I’m sure she is worried to death about your death at the hands of this crazed horse.

  4. Ronda says:

    It’s alright, I actually don’t know anything about horses, I just posted this to try and con my way into getting a stall. I figured if I told you to give it some carrots & water you’d believe that I actually had some knowledge of horses. But shoot, you give pretty much any animal carrots & water and it’ll be happy! Well done, Sal!

  5. Stacey says:

    This *the blog* really isn’t funny. Remember that karma bites hard.

  6. Jennifer says:

    ^^^No way it’s ronda?!

    Stacey he probably likes to get bit. Just sayin’.

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