“Meddling Detected”: A FWC B Side

While I round up some new material, have a gander at an old interaction from the FWC that never saw the light of day.  It’s like antique funny!

Metal Detector (Upland)

Date: Ancient History
Reply to: sale-xxxxx@craigslist.org

Used metal detector. Trade or cash. 

Similar to this picture.

metal detector 4002



I wil happily trade you fi 

en your meta


*this is so old I was still using “Ty Wilsone”

Allan: I don’t understand what will you trade me.

Me:  That was weird.  I wonder why it was all cut off like that.  What I was trying to say is that

I’m very intere$$()@2 inn32  your me

eautiful globes of Anta



Allan:  what are you trying to trade me for my metal detector.

Me:  I wonder if I have some sort of virus because I have no idea why my emails are coming across so screwy.  Are you interested in egyptian artifacts?

Allan:  what types of artifacts it sounds interesting.

Me:  They are quite interesting my friend.  Not many people have laid eyes on them – but I have quite a surplus and would be willing to trade a few for your metal detector.  I am hoping to use your device to find further treasures.

Allan:  can you send me some pictures

Me:  of me?

Allan:  of the artifacts of course

Me:  oh of course! haha sorry, I’m feeling quite scatter-brained today. I’ll have to dig up some pictures – in the mean time, what is the best thing you’ve found with your metal detector?  Any ancienct artifacts of the occult?

Allan:  no just some old silver coins and a few metal tools.

Me:  Here are two of my artifacts.  I will trade you one of them for your detector. 

I do not know if they are coins or rings or what, but I know they are very powerful.  Someone told me tha

and lat         sarc

stiny              ope        after sa



Allan:  are these gold and are they big or small

Me:  I think so.  They are in the middle of big and small.  It sounds weird but, they are warm to the touch.

Allan:  are they worth anything

Me:  dunno

Allan:  I’m not interested then.

Me:  The man i bought them from was very insistent as to their value.  It was at a swap meet near Mobile, alabama and this very interesting muslim (the good kind) man was selling strange trinkets from the east.  He assured me great luck and fortune would come from just owning one of these.  I bought 25 for 90dollars each.

Me:  Allan?


Apparently Allan’s device doesn’t just detect metal.



One Response to “Meddling Detected”: A FWC B Side

  1. TechKappen says:

    WTF MAN! You leave for like a year and then just come back all sudden like??? Well screw you man! SCREW YOU!

    Oh who am I kidding, I missed you so much! *Reaches out for a hug*

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