Cars for Jars

June 17, 2009

My 1998 VW Jetta for your… (West LA)___________________________________

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Date: 2009-06-16, 4:14PM PDT

 i have a 1998 jetta that is it very good mechanical condition. 132k miles, 5 speed stick shift, power locks.

I Don’t drive it anymore…this would be perfect for a highschool/college student. I am willing to trade for a scooter or sports bike. If you have anything else to trade I would be willing to entertain interesting offers…
Series inquiries only please. Thanks









Me:  I would be happy to trade with you.

Jake:  Hi sal, what do u have?

Me:  Well.  It depends.   Are you looking for “interesting” items?  (DO NOT WORRY. THAT IS NOT SEXUAL INNUENDO)

Jake:  What do u have

Me:  I have an extensive collection of things in jars.  You name it, I’ve got it in a jar.  Really.
And if I dont, I can get it.  Often times, I can get very large things into a comically small jar. 
Sort of like a ship in a bottle but instead of a ship, it could be something like a turtle (without the shell)

Me:  Hello?  If you are trying to think of something you would like in a jar, it doesnt have to be just one thing.  I can trade you many of my jars (and their contents) in exchange for your car.

Jake:  No thanks

Me:  Are you sure?  Id be willing to trade one of my most prized jars.  It has over 37 different toes (in fermaldyhyde) – most of the toes are pre-1920’s.  It is a great conversation starter and looks great on a coffee table or near a liquor cabinet. 

Some think it is gruesome but I think it is interesting to ponder who these toes belonged to and what sort of lives they lived and what led them to losing their toes.  I know at least two of them are from miners in the gold rush times who lost them due to frostbite. I will be sad to see them go, but I need a car.


Seemed like an even trade to me.




The Trailer of Tears

May 7, 2009

Vintage Shasta Trailer for a Tent trailer – $1 (Fresno, CA)

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Date: 2009-05-06, 9:33AM PDT

I have a Vintage 14 ‘ – 1964 Shasta Airflyte trailer that I would like to trade for a tent trailer. My family has grown and we need more space. Sleeps 4 in 2 beds, fold out couch and a dinette. It looks like there was a single bunk over the couch at one time but it is not there any more. I have the pink slip in hand and the trailer is registered thru June.

This Shasta model is the last of the “Canned Ham” style trailers. The next year, they squared off the design for a more modern look. It’s in usable condition but needs some work. Completely restored, these babies are worth over $10,000.



And so it begins…

Me: Greetings!
I like the style of this trailer.  It is evoking a touching bout of nostalgia in me.  I feel that this great trailer has traveled far and wide across our great land.  Is this true?

Jon:  I don’t know the full history of the trailer but I do know it’s been to Albuquerque, NM and back.  Spent most of it’s life in the Valley I suspect.

Me:   I can read the soul of this trailer and I think it has a proud history – not unlike my own proud native american heritage.  Would this be suitable for painting?  I am imagining a beautiful mural along the side of a proud Arapaho warrior not riding a horse, but instead riding a very large wolf, hunting by moonlight. 

How many people can fit in this comfortably?

Jon:  Hi Ty,  I got a treat for you….click on this link to see what others have done with their vintage trailers. There are a lot of pictures to enjoy.

This one will sleep 4 as is but if you put back the bunk above the setee, then you can add one more.

what a treat! :-|


Wonderful link my friend, would you mind giving me your thoughts on the paint job idea I have included as an attachment.

Is there a full stove in the trailer?  I should very much like to cook whatever game I may catch (salmon, rabbit, beaver, otter, deer) while out in the wilderness.


-I think I know a soda machine  that would go perfectly with this trailer…

Jon:  Wow, that would be sooo cool!  Nice artwork!  yes there is a 3-burner range and oven in the trailer and also an icebox.  I have never used the stove but they are simple in design and it should work.

Me:  To the best of your knowledge, have any unclean spirits entered this trailer?  That is to say, people with ill intent or shadowy souls. 

I try to surround myself with people and belongings that have the purest energies possible.

Jon:  I don’t have any knowledge of any unclean spirits in the trailer.

Me:  Will you pay for a shaman to bless the trailer?  I know a very good one I could refer to you.

Jon:  No thanks…I’m looking to sell the trailer and really nothing more than that.

Me:  Do you have any teepees?


I guess Jon didn’t have any teepees.  Whatever, he’s a cheapskate anyways – won’t even hire a shaman to cleanse his trailer of evil spirits.

The least he could do is buy a dreamcatcher.