April 30, 2009

plants – $6 (santa monica)

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Date: 2009-04-29, 9:37AM PDT

Plants (6): all for $25 or $6 each
2 hibiscus flowers
2 green plants

plants1   plants2

what lovely plants, I must know more about them…


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Hello kind friend,

Do any of these plants bring good Karma with them?  I’m trying to cultivate a karma conscious, climate controlled garden on my patio.  It’s like going green, but spiritually green.

Namaste and blessings,


"The eagle flies because it must; it hunts because it must; but it cries because of us."

(that quote that at the end is my email signature that I feel just makes me seem a little crazier and a little more believable)


Good Afternoon Ty,

Well, I love these plants a lot…and am looking for a good home for them as I am really sad to have to leave them behind.

I have kept the bamboo alive for 4 years now…which I would say is great karma! The other plants are about a year old.

Anyways, would love to put them in a good sounding home like yours.

I’m home right now if you want to give me a call.


Second Email

This is wonderful for my soul to hear Debbie.  It sounds like these plants should be just brimming with good karma and positive vibrations.  I must ask though, forgive me if this  sounds strange, have they been raised near any dreamcatchers?  You know, those native american trinkets that catch dreams?



2nd Reply

I’m not sure if this is good or bad….but no.

Third Email

This is very bad. Sorry.  But do not feel bad, many people do not know this information.

3rd Reply

no prob! have a great one!


I love Debbie’s uncertainty of what will come of her second reply.  You can almost feel the anxiety in her reply.  I wavered on how to answer this, but decided that the plants’ lack of exposure to dreamcatchers must most certainly be a very bad thing to the very spiritual “Ty Wilsone”