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April 25, 2009

Coleman ice chest (SF Valley)

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Date: 2009-04-19, 3:48PM PDT

Vintage 1974 ice chest. Yellow and white body with aluminum handles. inside and outside are clean . Has movable inside tray. Use for your old car or camping display or just daily use.. Asking $25.



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I like this vintage style ice chest, reminds me of my dad drinking beers while watching me practice baseball in the backyard!  Anyways haha, how cold can this get?  Some things I deal with have to be kept very cold.  Not exactly sammiches and beer haha.




That’s the sort of thing it reminds me of, too.  :-)

The interior temp will depend on what you put it in as a cooling agent (ice, one of those frozen packs, etc.), but it holds the temperature really well as it’s well-insulated.


Second Email

Haha yeah those were the day!  I miss them (besides the times hed hit me for striking out haha, but it was a different time back then).  Anyway – would dry ice work in it?  No leaks right?



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I’ve never used it with dry ice, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.  There are no leaks.

Third Email

Oh great!  I dont mind telling you what I need it for.  I  nned a new cooler for organ transporting.  Not human of course – just various mammals :)  I’ll need a bigger one for elephant hearts and the like, but I think this should work fine for smaller things :)

I wish people knew more about the sadness of animals waiting for organ transplants :(



3rd Reply

If this is going to help animals, I’m thrilled to sell it to you!

When would you like to come get it?

Fourth Email

Splendid!  Its so rare to meet other compassionate animal lovers on craiglist.  Its mostly just a bunch of weirdos who want to do bad things :-.  One question – is there any chance you could spray paint something on this chest for me??  Like maybe the hazard logo and then "animal parts" under it.  probably red would be best!  Or maybe if not you, you can refer me to someone who can?  I dont really know anyone who can do that.  I moved here from Idaho, and thats where the guy i used to paint such warnings is :(  I can wait a few days for the painting to dry??

Great thanks for your quick replies!


4th Reply

I don’t have the paint or stencils to do something like that.  Maybe you could find them on craigslist.  :-)

she then sent this before I could fire off my next email…

Someone else really wants this ice chest, so if you’d rather get one from someone who can paint it for you, let me know and I’ll sell this to the other poster.

Fifth Email

I understand :)  You have been most helpful and I dont want you to miss out on a sale.  I will work on finding another chest and locating someone that can put what I need on it.  Thanks so much! May the eternal blessings of earth rain down on you and your family!  The animals thank you too, for loving them, and knowing them.  I will dedicate our next organ transport to you! 

Blessings, namaste.


Sixth Reply

I appreciate that, and good luck to you!


So this has definitely been the most successful interaction so far.  The second I mentioned the poor animals I knew I had her.  Haha I can’t believe she didn’t question a single thing I said.  As much as I wanted to keep emailing with her, I wasn’t going to cost her the sale of something that I really have no intention of buying.  But thanks Amy, you’ve been my favorite craigslister so far!



Chief Frosty Drink

April 25, 2009

Soda vending machines FOR SALE – $100

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Date: 2009-04-23, 3:01PM PDT

needs a little work but it holds cans good for five selection i used it for my boys room its 65 cent machine so you can charge your friends a drink .. i did its a great piggy bank



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How many cans can it hold?  Can you use beer?  Can you adjust how much it costs for a drink?  Do you think it would look good with a native American warrior airbrushed on the front?
Oh and has anyone famous ever used this???
Thanks – very interested!

it can hold over 120 cans it .. as long as the can is a 12oz can then beer or what ever you want will work.no one famous owned it ..it is possible to change out the cost of the can but you have to order the parts for the machine to do it .. if you personalized it . it would be authentic air bushed or what ever you want….


How informative, I suppose it would be  “authentic  air brushed” or whatever I want.  I’m sold!


Awesome, I’d almost actually consider buying this.