Saw-prank redemption (sorry)

April 24, 2009

Table electric saw – $90 (Diamond Bar)

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Date: 2009-04-23, 10:47AM PDT

Taable electric saw sitting in the garage over 5 years.



First Email

If I pay you double, $180, do you think you could store this for me in your garage for another year?
I need a saw, but not til 2010. It’s gonna be a big year!


Hi Ty,
yes, I can keep it until next year for your advance payment of $180 now.

Second Email

Would I be able to bring the things I need to cut to your garage to do the cutting?  Just a few logs, some pvc, and probably some bones is all it would be.
Blessings to you, Rock.
Namaste, Ty

-This is one of my favorite conversations so far.  How great is it that this guys’ name is Rock?  How about that he was willing to let me store a saw in his garage?  I’m bummed he didn’t reply though.  Maybe the bones comment was too soon.  oh well.