“Damn, I need some fur” or; A blog is born

April 24, 2009


So the idea for the blog came about two days ago while I was perusing craigslist at work. While browsing the "for sale" section I came across this little gem…

Fur Trim Perfect for Your Burning Man Costumes (San Diego)

Reply to: *****
Date: 2009-04-22, 12:02PM PDT

Over 20 Colors of Real Rabbit and Fake Fur Trim.
All Must Go! – Purchase whole lot for .20/yard.
Call Stephen at 619 944 **** or email
stephen@party****.org for more info.


Finally, some fur trim that is just perfect for my burning man costume, this must be my lucky day! So, in my infinite boredom at work, I decided to have a little fun. I decided I’d email Mr Stephen with his cornucopia of rabbit furs (some real) with a ridiculous response and see if he would reply.

Of course I didn’t want to use my regular email address for this chicanery, so I dreamed up the VERY original name of Ty Wilson. But that wasn’t available on Gmail. So, thus, I became Ty Wilsone. Yeah, I know.

This is what followed…


First Email

Hello.  I am interested in your various rabbit furs.  But, can I use them for other costumes? Or only Burning man.


Ty Wilsone


And Mr. Stephen was kind enough to reply…



If you’re buying then you’re free to use the fur as you like.

Burning Man is only one suggestion.

How many yards would you like?

Also, where do you live?

Since we are located in San Diego, we will have to ship the fur to you if you are outside of the area.  The .50/yard does not include S&H fees.

Let us know.



Of course, I had to email Stephen back and let him know how many yards I would like…

Second Email

Im confused.  I would like two yards, but currently I only have one front yard at my apartment.  And I have to share it with the other tenants :(

Would the furs be good for loin cloths and other native dressings?





I never heard back from Stephen with the rabbit trim (some real).

Oh, and I’m not sure where the Namaste thing came from. It’s Indian for like "I bow to you" – and they say it in Lost, so that’s good enough for me.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Mr. Stephen and his rabbit furs (some real) were the catalyst for this little blog. Check back often for new updates, I’ve already got a bunch more to share with you.