Eel Knievel

May 11, 2009

Shop Vac Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum – $15 (Altadena 91001)

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Date: 2009-05-10, 3:30PM PDT

1 Horsepower 1 Gallon Shop Vac For Sale. Good Working Condition. $15.00 OBO












Lets get a vacuum shall we?

Me:  Vacuum still available?

Patrick:  Yup

Me:  Can this vacuum up liquids?  Is that what it means by “wet”?

Patrick:  Yea that means the motor and the electronics are protected against liquids. So if you spilled some coffee in your car, you can vacuum it up with this.

Me:  Would it be able to vacuum large amounts of liquids?  It sounds ridiculous but I have an eel in my aquarium that I need to get out but I just can’t seem to catch him!  I’m thinking something like this would be great to try and suck him up with.

Patrick:  That sounds hilarious…  I’m honestly not sure what would happen if you tried to vacuum large amounts of liquids with this vacuum. I have a larger shop vac (5 horsepower) that would do the trick.. but that one isn’t for sale. I guess for 15 dollars it might be worth a shot no?

Me:   BloodCruncher (my eel) is a pesky bastard.  It doesnt help that his aquarium holds about 200 gallons of water and that  he also has plenty of places to hide amongst the rocks, plants and skulls that I’ve filled his tank with.  I’ve spent that last 3 days trying to catch him with a net I have but it’s not working.  I almost got him once but sort of just crushed his head against the side of the tank – I think his eye (his good one) might be hurt so its even more important that I get him out.

How long is the nozzle of the sucker thing on the shopvac?

Patrick:  4 feet

Me:  Hmmm… BloodCruncher is 4.5 feet long.  but I guess he could probably still be sucked up just fine as long as there isn’t anything inside the chamber that might chop him up.  Do you know the size of the opening of the nozzle?

Patrick:  I think maybe you should find another, more humane way, of catching him. I think the vacuum will probably harm him. Sorry I couldn’t help. Have a good day.

Me:  Please help me catch my eel.


– Patrick and his vacuum have two similarities; neither will help me catch an eel and they both suck.

Yeah, I went there.