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May 1, 2009

Ikea CD Rack + Tons of CDs!!! (Silver Lake)

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Date: 2009-04-28, 8:19PM PDT

Yes- its the Ikea CD tower everyone has, but with a twist- its chock full of cds!
I’m moving and I need someone to take the whole thing, not just some cds, not just the tower, but everything.

CDs are all over the place, from Outkast to The Shins to Juice Newton, to Billie Holiday…I can’t attest to the condition of them all, I never listen to them anymore, but many have never been played.

There is some candle wax on the tower that will easily come off.

BEST OFFER by Thursday Night comes and gets it!











First Email

Is this awesome cd tower still available?  BTW, your music taste sounds impeccable.


yes no offers yet

Second Email

Would I be able to come by with a portable cd player and listen to your cds? (with headphones on of course)  You wont even know I’m there – I can be very quiet.  If you’d prefer, I can come over when you’re gone.  Just leave the keys for me under the mat?
Just kidding :)
What sort of offers are you looking for?  Cash? Items?

2nd Reply (2 days later)

Hello – thank you all for contacting me about the CDs and tower. My highest bid is $105. If anyone would like to up the ante, speak now or forever hold your peace. I would like someone to pick it up tonight.


Third Email

Three potted plants, an old eskimo coat, fifteen bottles of water, one bowling shoe, a gently used african spear and 9 dollars.  final offer.


She didn’t email me back.   I knew my second email was way outlandish, so my plan was to say that I was joking and reply to her next email with something even crazier.  Unfortunately, she didn’t reply to that email.  And as far as my final offer,  someone else must have been able to sweeten the pot with a brand new spear.

Yeah, that’s gotta be it.