Cars for Jars

June 17, 2009

My 1998 VW Jetta for your… (West LA)___________________________________

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Date: 2009-06-16, 4:14PM PDT

 i have a 1998 jetta that is it very good mechanical condition. 132k miles, 5 speed stick shift, power locks.

I Don’t drive it anymore…this would be perfect for a highschool/college student. I am willing to trade for a scooter or sports bike. If you have anything else to trade I would be willing to entertain interesting offers…
Series inquiries only please. Thanks









Me:  I would be happy to trade with you.

Jake:  Hi sal, what do u have?

Me:  Well.  It depends.   Are you looking for “interesting” items?  (DO NOT WORRY. THAT IS NOT SEXUAL INNUENDO)

Jake:  What do u have

Me:  I have an extensive collection of things in jars.  You name it, I’ve got it in a jar.  Really.
And if I dont, I can get it.  Often times, I can get very large things into a comically small jar. 
Sort of like a ship in a bottle but instead of a ship, it could be something like a turtle (without the shell)

Me:  Hello?  If you are trying to think of something you would like in a jar, it doesnt have to be just one thing.  I can trade you many of my jars (and their contents) in exchange for your car.

Jake:  No thanks

Me:  Are you sure?  Id be willing to trade one of my most prized jars.  It has over 37 different toes (in fermaldyhyde) – most of the toes are pre-1920’s.  It is a great conversation starter and looks great on a coffee table or near a liquor cabinet. 

Some think it is gruesome but I think it is interesting to ponder who these toes belonged to and what sort of lives they lived and what led them to losing their toes.  I know at least two of them are from miners in the gold rush times who lost them due to frostbite. I will be sad to see them go, but I need a car.


Seemed like an even trade to me.