Heavy Meddle

May 2, 2009

Wanna Start A Band (Los Angeles/North Hollywood)

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Date: 2009-05-01, 10:48AM PDT

I LOVE all kinds of music but love performing Rock the most Classic Rock and 90’s Rock. I am not the best vocalist but I am definitly passionate and I have lots of potential. (Black Male age 30 here) I am looking for other creative music lovers who would like to collaborate and start a band. Maybe we will just have fun and it will be a healthy creative outlet, Or, maybe we will play a few clubs. Lets Rock!

yes, lets…


First Email

Greetings friend!

I saw your posting on craigslist regarding starting a band!  Lets do it.  What shall we call ourselves?

In the name of ROCK,



Cool title, More about you.

cool title? what the hell is this guy talking about?

Second Email

I come from a proud native american background (blackfoot) – I enjoy the music of Led Zeppelin and Rush cranked to maximum volume.  I have never insulted a woman.  I am unstoppable.  I am a great team player and very respectful of strong people.  I am heavily involved and interested in mysticism and history of the far east.  I love all things, that have good in them.  And i want to crush all that is bad.  I live a very pure existence and will always love my mother,  Mother Earth.
How about you?

2nd Reply

I too love Zeppelin, the Mars Volta, Gnarls Barlkley and so many other bands and artists, I could go on forever.  I am pretty versatile musically.  I am learning the power of positivity. I believe in GOD as a guide and a re-energizing source of POWER and Creativity. I am powerful beyond belief, so are you. I embrace differences, I am very tolerant and open minded and respectful of all spiritual beliefs.
I work in social services as a day job, helping disadvantaged youth.  So I am constantly giving of myself and need other healthy creative outlets. I’ve done many things career wise. What do you play?  How old are you?

-HELL. YES. This guy is AWESOME.

Third Email

Rock on.  I too can go on forever.  The universe is expanding at an exponential rate.  Thus we all expand, whether we like it or not.  I am sad for feeble, weak minded people who will never experience the thrill of TOTAL cosmic domination.  life force that flows through all beings is so strong if it is harnessed properly.  I think in many instances, music is the outward expression of that strength and power.  But – it must be played heavy and it must be played loud.  Otherwise, the universe will deny it.

I believe age to be irrelevant, as we are all old souls.  But in mans construction of "time" – I am 3 seasons of the mahogany, or 30 years old. 
I am glad to hear of your contributions back to society.  That is a worthy cause and you shall be blessed many times over, I am sure of it.


3rd Reply

Cool well how would you contribute to the band? What do you play? Do you play?

Fourth Email

I do not play any instruments.  But I can sing with the scream of an eagle and the bone thrilling shriek of a 1,000 banshees.
I can also write award winning songs at will.
The pen is truly mightier than the sword – but ROCK is mightier than all.  What shall we be called?  How about Comanche Nightmare?


I didn’t hear back from T’mon.  Can you believe that?!  Alas, Comanche Nightmare just wasn’t meant to be.  Too bad too, considering we were both all powerful and whatnot.  Sounded like a pretty awesome basis for a band.

And why was this in the barter section of craigslist?



Nice Rack

May 1, 2009

Ikea CD Rack + Tons of CDs!!! (Silver Lake)

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Date: 2009-04-28, 8:19PM PDT

Yes- its the Ikea CD tower everyone has, but with a twist- its chock full of cds!
I’m moving and I need someone to take the whole thing, not just some cds, not just the tower, but everything.

CDs are all over the place, from Outkast to The Shins to Juice Newton, to Billie Holiday…I can’t attest to the condition of them all, I never listen to them anymore, but many have never been played.

There is some candle wax on the tower that will easily come off.

BEST OFFER by Thursday Night comes and gets it!











First Email

Is this awesome cd tower still available?  BTW, your music taste sounds impeccable.


yes no offers yet

Second Email

Would I be able to come by with a portable cd player and listen to your cds? (with headphones on of course)  You wont even know I’m there – I can be very quiet.  If you’d prefer, I can come over when you’re gone.  Just leave the keys for me under the mat?
Just kidding :)
What sort of offers are you looking for?  Cash? Items?

2nd Reply (2 days later)

Hello – thank you all for contacting me about the CDs and tower. My highest bid is $105. If anyone would like to up the ante, speak now or forever hold your peace. I would like someone to pick it up tonight.


Third Email

Three potted plants, an old eskimo coat, fifteen bottles of water, one bowling shoe, a gently used african spear and 9 dollars.  final offer.


She didn’t email me back.   I knew my second email was way outlandish, so my plan was to say that I was joking and reply to her next email with something even crazier.  Unfortunately, she didn’t reply to that email.  And as far as my final offer,  someone else must have been able to sweeten the pot with a brand new spear.

Yeah, that’s gotta be it.