June 22, 2009

basketball tournament for all (redondo)

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Date: 2009-06-15, 7:50PM PDT

call and have fun and win money and trophys.  sign up at <ripoff website> for more info.


Will there be any racist teams there?  I do not want to see any White Power groups playing basketball.


Fantastic.  This is how I know you are having a good tournament.  I have been to a few in the past where they were VERY RACIST.  They said words I WILL NEVER REPEAT. EVER!  The only thing that racists are good for is NOTHING! I HOPE YOU AGREE.  I will be excited to play in your great tournament.

Ok, Great.  I do agree with you. 
Also, Please send me an email with your 4 players name, age, and info and sign up on the website to register for the tourney.

Fantastic Trip.  I am very excited to play in your tournament!
I lost the website link, could you send it to me again?
As far as our team goes…
It will be me, Sal Fontaine, 32, Italian.
Then I have two black guys – I think their names are like Jamal or DeMarcus or something like that.  (Where do they get those names? LOL)  I got them because they are tall and probably good at basketball.  I really want to win
I havent chosen a fourth player yet, but it will probably be either my neighbor or this guy I met at work.  They are oriental and mexican respectively.  They will be the alternate and probably will not play (and they are short)
I am not sure how old my teammates are but I can find out soon.
Also, do we get to choose a team name?

Absolutely, please choose a team name.  You have to send me the names and ages of each teammate and they must sign up at <ripoff website>

Look forward to seeing you there. 

We will be called “Slam Drunk”
Do we get jerseys?

No, there are no jerseys, you guys will need to bring one white tee and one dark colored tee

My teammates have quit on me.  They claim they never said they would play with me.  Can I play 3 vs 1?  I am very good.  I need the money.

Trip (1 day later):
It was really fun.  I had to play with some other guys I didn’t know, they weren’t very good, but we got 3rd place.  1st place was a $900 prize.  Oh well. 
Sign up at <ripoff website> and we’ll play together next time.


So… I don’t know where to begin.  Trip says racism won’t be tolerated, yet he tolerates me quite well – he even offers to play with me at the next tournament!

Trip, you sir are a true conundrum.