July 1, 2009

antique York safe (Los Angeles)

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Date: 2009-06-23, 10:20PM PDT

Tenant left this behind.  I have stored for a year, but now just want to get rid of it.  Research leads me to believe it is from the ’30s.  Very heavy, if you can haul it away, its yours










It is great fortune that I should come across this very safe.  Do you still have it in your belonging?

Hi Sal, You are the 5th person to respond. I will keep you posted, as someone is on their way to look at it. Thanks! Stacey

Oh this is truly disheartening.  If they are not able to crack the safe, I will be happy to give it a shot.  We can split whatever we find inside.  We do not even have to exchange any information just in case anyone is ever suspicious and tries to find us.

Hi, Thank you for your interest in the safe – the first person who responded picked it up.

What did you find inside?

While I was curious, my motivation was to get it out of the garage. After it was loaded onto the truck, though, I did say, “If you find a million bucks, send me a bottle of wine!”  Perhaps I’ll enjoy a fine Bordeaux once they open it…


Okay, I know this one isn’t all that funny but I just can’t believe she gave away a safe that she never opened!  Are you kidding me?! 

“Hey look, an antique safe from the ’30s that I can’t get open.  A mysterious tenant abandoned it when they left.  I know – I’ll just give it away and never look inside!”

I REALLY hope whoever picked it up sends her a bottle of wine, even if the safe is empty.  Just a lone bottle in a box with a note that says “Thanks.”  I’d love to see her face when she got that in the mail.

Ugh… Namaste.